Yolks And Cigarettes


Matchbook Progress Bar


Was playing with an idea, is all. I had burnt two matches in one matchbook, then four in another, then six, eight, ten, and all the way up to twenty.

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The Habit


More composition and my attempts thereof. Definitely minimal, but hopefully of visual interest.



Just composition practice, practice, practice. Quite the array of elements here.

And one wallpaper version of one of the yolk drippy photos. Image is 1920×1080 pixels.


Eggs, matches, cloth


Gosh, you sure do have odd subjects for photography! Yes, yes I do.

Regular versions:

Wallpaper editions (1920×1080 pixels):

Thanks for peeking, if you do!

Exchamsiks River – Revisited


Stopped again at the Exchamsiks River – one of my favorite places on the planet – for some more shots. I was coming back from an out-of-town emergency trip to the Dentist in nearby Terrace. So, while I was in some great pain when I shot these, I did my best all the same.

And some wallpapers – all 1920×1080, should anyone fancy any: