Nostalgia is now


It occurred to me some time ago that when we reminisce, we’re thinking fondly about yesteryear. We’re contemplating times gone by, experiences had, a moment had, then gone, fleeting as time is.

That’s not the revelation. The revelation came in my realization that the moments we reminisce about tend to be – though not as a rule – something otherwise not mention-worthy at the time. The little moments. The quiet walk around a pond. The sitting-and-laughing with a friend. The bedrooms we wake in. The daily rituals we sometimes resent. Your walk or drive home from work. Calling that friend every Thursday night for a chit-chat. The moments we rarely think will matter some day. Precious, fleeting moments of our lives that go, at the time, unnoticed and mostly unappreciated.

At any given time our lives can seem so plain, so expected, sometimes boring, even banal, and it’s rarely a moment we feel we’ll look back on and remember with warmth, but those are indeed the moments that give birth to nostalgia.

It would appear that life is full of what seem to be dull moments that only later seem to have great emotional significance.

So, if nostalgia is always a moment gone, then it stands to reason that right now is nostalgic (or a high probability thereof) – a moment you’re logging in your memory bank for later, to look back on and think: “Wasn’t that a good time?”, even if your current situation or circumstance makes this feel unlikely.

After all, how can nostalgia always be a moment gone? Isn’t our day comprised of many moments? Perhaps nostalgia is right here, right now, to be soaked-up, enjoyed, embraced; a heightened sense of appreciation and gratitude.

Photoshop Fun


This is my old home phone. I decided to see if I could remake it, using only Photoshop and it’s native tools. Original document is 5000px high, 3000px wide. Scaled down for here, though!


Wallpapers and Other Photos


Three wallpapers for whoever wants ‘em! All are 1920 x 1080 pixels.

I’m probably going to be shooting a lot of eggy photos in the near future. Yolks in odd situations. After years of landscape photography, it’s kind of nice to just shoot whatever/whenever/random things. ^_^